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We believe that our Short Term Income Replacement products offer the widest cover available in the market with an extremely competitive premium. We pay out a higher percentage of claims than any other published provider.

There are dozens of providers of Short Term Income Protection, all with a different range of benefits. However, we can tell you, without fear of contradiction, that the DMS Security Plans Short Term Income Protection products offered by Income Protection UK, offer more benefits than any other provider in the marketplace. If you don’t believe us, please have a look for yourself but do make sure that you bookmark our website so that you can get straight back here.

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We have put together a table of the limited range of benefits available from other providers compared with the comprehensive benefits offered by our product. We are confident that you will not find more comprehensive cover available today, from any provider anywhere in the UK. If you can find a better product, we suggest that you buy it. That’s a pretty bold statement to make and we make it quite readily because we know that you won’t find one.

DMS Short Term Income Replacement, Business Guard and Home Guard offers dozens of benefits which other providers don’t offer.

Here are just a few.

Supplier Highest %age of claims paid in the market Self-employed claims with no proof of income Save money with a 6 month benefit period option Back into Work assistance Maximum benefit payable per month Cost Per month for £1000 benefit
DMS £3000 £ 30.38
Realm x x x x £2000 £ 35.64
Assurity x x x x £ 30.47
Paymentcare x x x x £2500 £ 39.26
Best Insurance x x x x £2000 £ 41.33
Synergy x x x x £2000 £ 40.80
Mapfre x x x £2500 £ 42.50
Lexelle x x x x £1500 £ 56.92

Source of data: Companies own websites, policy certificates and/or terms and conditions. Correct at 1 March 2016
Users are advised to check individual terms and policy conditions because they do change from time to time.

The Cost per month is based upon a 35-year-old employed person having cover with no waiting period, paid on day 31 from day 1 of the claim with a total benefit period of 12 months Covered for illness, injury, accident, sickness or involuntary redundancy

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